Temporary exhibitions

I Feel Slovenia, I Feel Celje

The temporary exhibition "I Feel Slovenia, I Feel Celje" presents a patchwork of the personal stories and items of people who moved to Slovenia and, precisely, to Celje for numerous reasons, created a home here, and became engaged members of the society.


Invisible life of waste

Since April 2019 an experimental exhibition Invisible life of waste is on view in front of the Museum of Recent  History Celje.


“The only thing that still attracts me, is nature”

In April 2018 temporary exhibition “The only thing that still attracts me, is nature” was opened in the Skylight photographic studio of Josip Pelikan, authored by Bronica Gologranc Zakonjšek and Aleksander Žižek, PhD. There are 44 photos of mountains and hills, predominately the Savinja Alps, on display.


The Earth is dancing

The second temporary exhibition from the cycle of nature's elements - 'The Earth is dancing' in Children's Museum Herman's Den will be open until the end of the year 2019.

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