Occupation borders 1941-1945

On March 6th 2019 two temporary exhibitions “Border stones, barbed wire, guard towers and minefields. Life on the occupation boundaries in Slovenia, 1941-1945” and “Rogaška Slatina as the border town of the Third Reich, 1941-1945” were opened at the Museum of Recent History Celje.

The exhibitions that were created within the project: “Make this land German … Italian … Hungarian … Croatian! The role of occupation borders in antislovenian politics and in the life of Slovene population”, have examined how the occupying borders, barbed wire and minefields affected the lives of people along the border and what consequences they left behind.

First exhibition presents all the border areas of occupation in Slovenia during the Second World War and their characteristics and peculiarities, while the second is oriented much more locally.

Exhibitions will be opened until March 31st 2019.

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