More than colours

New interactive temporary exhibition More than colours is on display in Children’s Museum Herman’s Den until the 8th of February 2021.
Have you ever wondered what a world without colours would be like? Colours reflect our feelings, affect our mood, show us what the weather is like, what time of year we have, and whether the food is edible or not. Shades of colours affect us in different ways.
We need sight and light in order to see colours. In the interactive exhibition “More than colours” we can explore together about colours as a means of drawing and painting and about the colours of light. In different ways, we will observe and get to know a small part of the colour spectrum that is visible to our eyes – the colours of the rainbow. We will look at colours as an interesting phenomenon through the eyes of physicists, biologists, art historians, restorers and artists.
On our journey through the exhibition, we will learn about six colours: red, yellow, green, blue, purple, and orange. Tasks, challenges, exploration and games await visitors in every colour corner. Are you interested how the bees see the world and why we see the rainbow? Where do colours come from? How we extracted natural pigments, and how synthetic ones?
In the blue corner, you will be able to listen to the fairy tale Adventures in the Rainbow Land and co-create it yourself.

We also offer various Herman’s creative workshops for children, families and school or preschool groups. We will connect creativity with colours and learn about colour harmony and contrasts, about the interaction of colours and much more.
The exhibition is also available to English and German-speaking visitors, and a catalogue in Braille is accessible for blind and visually impaired.

Colour your life by visiting Herman’s Den!

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