TVD Partizan Gaberje 1952-2022

In April 2022, exhibition TVD Partizan Gaberje 1952-2022, 70 years of Celje’s sports (r)evolution is on display at Celje’s Krekov trg.

The Partizan Gaberje Gymnastics and Educational Association is one of the oldest still operating associations in Celje. Even today, in the northern part of Celje, in the Gaberje district, stands a venerable building named TVD Partizan Gaberje. This is the former Sokol’s house, which was built in 1906 by the Sokol society of Celje, who at that time could not yet know that the Sokol’s house in the workers’ settlement of Gaberje would become a cradle of all sporting events in Celje.

Although the foundations of the social tradition were laid as far back as 1890, when the first beginnings of organized sports activities in Sokol were recorded in Celje, after 1909, when gymnasts first showed their knowledge in a new gym, Sokol’s house became not only the cradle of Celje sports, but also a real fortress of Slovenes, as the Sokol society raised awareness and built the Slovene national consciousness through exercise.

After the World War II, in 1952, the association was renamed TVD Partizan Celje Gaberje. Despite the abandoning the name Sokol, the society did not abandon Sokol’s values. Due to them, in the following years association became one of the leaders in the development of sports in Celje and at the same time an important and engaged member of social life in the city. It originated from the Sokol’s tradition, investing in event activities, which included festivities, dances, excursions, sports academies, children’s camps… In Partizan house (former Sokol’s house) and on the yard behind public masquerades, dances, recreational sports tournaments and games, theatre performances, concerts …, took place.

In 1997, the association was officially renamed once again, from TVD Partizan Gaberje to Sporting society Gaberje, as it is still called today.

Without a doubt – Sokol Association, TVD Partizan Gaberje and Sporting society Gaberje have left a permanent mark on Celje’s history.

Check the photos from the opening of the exhibition (click!).

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