Ce-NOB:portal on World War II in Celje

The portal with digitized materials contributes to greater public availability of museum material and encourages knowledge of the World War II in Slovenia. More than 600 original photographs of objects, documents and testimonials are telling stories about the darkest period of our not so distant past and the turning point in Slovenian history.

About the project

The Museum of Recent History Celje (as the former Museum of Revolution Celje) keeps a variety of materials related to the World War II. Since this period is still one of the most

present and at the same time the most sensitive contents of Slovene and indirectly regional recent history, an objective and comprehensive presentation of the events from today’s perspective is undoubtedly a demanding, responsible and sensitive task. We also contribute to this by providing public access to information sources.

For the goals of the project, we set up the creation of the WWII portal in Celje, the digitization of selected materials, and the increase in accessibility and mobility of the material. The implemented project enables the creation of virtual access to materials, support for pedagogical and scientific programs and processes, preservation of historical memory and cooperation with related heritage organizations with the intention of establishing an interinstitutional national portal.

Goals of the project

The goal of the Ce-NOB project is the public availability of digitized and structured e-material in accordance with the EU legislation and strategies for different user groups.


Link to the portal Ce-NOB (click!).

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