There is new temporary exhibition entitled “Faces” in the Skylight photographic studio of Josip Pelikan, authored by Bronica Gologranc Zakonjšek and Aleksander Žižek, PhD.

A portrait is one of the most powerful pictures that a photographer can create. It opens the door to a story written by the life of the person portrayed.
The people portrayed by Josip Pelikan are unique. Groups, individuals, families, different faces, captured in time. Throughout history, the human face has reflected indicated changes in understanding of ourselves and our attitude to the world. Famous, less well-known, ordinary people. From Celje and its surroundings. At a photographic studio, in the street, in various poses, with a sense of determination or rapt in thought, young or adult, playing themselves in front of camera lenses. We need to feel them to tell us who they are and what they carry within. We have given names to the faces.
Are these pictures of faces a history, a document or an intimate memory? Who knows … That’s for every visitor to tell. The faces tell stories that leave visitors room to create their own interpretation. Perhaps something is not visible at first sight and is only revealed upon a second visit of the exhibition.
Photos of the faces raise questions about social dilemmas, identity and the role that photography plays in today’s modern world overabundant in images. The photographs in the exhibition are a glimpse of the past, but at the same time, they are here for the future and beyond. Pelikan’s faces communicate and nothing can change them.

Exhibition will be on display until the end of 2022.

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