The Earth is dancing

The second temporary exhibition from the cycle of nature’s elements – ‘The Earth is dancing’ in Children’s Museum Herman’s Den will be open until the end of the year 2019. We have linked the contents of the exhibition to cultural heritage, children’s rights and sustainable development. This time exhibition focuses on the planet on which we live and brings many known and unknown knowledge about it.

It is divided into three parts: “We live on Earth” (Earth’s identity card, Earth’s structure, rotation, revolution, living beings, soil, earthquakes, volcano, continents …), “We are going to space” (planets of our Solar system, space scale, racket with Herman the Fox …) and “Richness of diversity of Slovenia” (characteristics of Slovenian landscapes, living environments, ecology and small steps for a common goal …). Exhibition is intended for both young and elder visitors and it is designed interactively with a range of didactic points, sounds, films and games. Furthermore, part of exhibition is a didactical catalogue (also for the blind and visually impaired), as well as rich accompanying program.

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