We sucesfully finished the 25th international competition for artworks made by children, entitled “ FROM THE WORLD OF TOYS”.

The competition that was carried out by the »Mihailo Lišanin Institution« from 1995 is since 2018 continued by Museum of Recent History Celje under the name »Heman’s Gallery«.

The international competition for children aged 6 to 12 was open from September 2020 until January 2022. We recieved 534 artworks from 14 different countries all over the world.

Children were placed in two age groups: I. (6 -9 years) and II. (10 -12 years). We awarded 10 artworks and granted 50 special recognition awards in each category, all children received an electronic certificate attesting that they participated in the international competition.

Expert comission (Damjana Brumec and Urška Repar) did the selection of awarded artworks.

All awarded artworks will be exhibited in Childrens Museum Herman’s Den but they are also on view on Herman the Fox e-gallery.

All awarded artworks are also part of museums collection Herman’s Gallery.

New 26th international competition for artworks made by children will start in September 2022.

Sofiya Mladenova, 12 years old, Bolgaria
Sofia Lauko, 11 years old, Slovakia
Ria Dretnik, 10 years old, Slovenia
Rebeka Lesjak, 7 years old, Slovenia
Nek Mrevlje, 11 years old, Slovenia
Naja Pahor, 9 years old, Slovenia
Miha Samec, 11 years old, Slovenia
Maj Pleger, 12 years old, Slovenia
Luka Lapanja, 10 years old, Slovenia
Lucija Kokelj, 8 years old, Slovenia
Lovro Aljaž, 7 years old, Slovenia
Lev Bondaryev, 7 years old, Ukraine
Leila Bovcon, 9 years old, Slovenia
Jernej Čoha, 7 years old, Slovenia
Gašper Razdevšek, 8 years old, Slovenia
Denis Kuduzovič, 8 years old, Slovenia
Boris Leschuk, 11 years old, Ukraine
Ana Urbančič, 6 years old, Slovenia
Aljaž Potočnik, 11 years old, Slovenia
Zala Prosen, 10 years old, Slovenia
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